Comments from consumers and retailers about Woodstock Chimes

Love the craftsmanship, quality, tune, and price of your products. Have purchased for gifts in the past, and now purchased for myself. Thanks.

Rodney G. - Amazing Grace Chime - Large

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. You provide the best outdoor chimes and peace for the whole family.

Aileen R. - Encore Chimes of Saturn

When I first saw this gong in the store I couldn't stop listening to it. I was mesmerized. My husband went back the next day and gave it to me for my birthday. I was so surprised I cried.

Cheryl M. - Encore Wind Gong

The quality and tone of the windchimes is second to none

Margaret L. - Encore Chimes of Pluto

I LOVE my new wind chimes! They are superbly tuned.


Best sound in the world.


The tone takes me away, just so peaceful.


Continue producing amazing chimes!! This is my third, and I fall more and more in love each time a new one resonates with my soul.


These are the best chimes I have owned. I have three of them. They not only look great, but the sound they make amazing. All three play in harmony with each other.


Cannot imagine life without your chimes!


Great chime, love the design and the sound is spectacular!


Have had Woodstock Chimes for years. Love the sound of them. Very comforting.


Thank you for designing a modern wind chime that sounds beautiful & looks classy. It sounds great by my lake front property.


I just love how beautiful they sound when the wind hits the windcatcher and my ears fill with complete joy. Feels like heaven and all is good!


I have always wanted windchimes but never found a sound that spoke to me until I found these! They are amazing!


I am so very delighted with the windchimes. Truly exquisite sound, perfectly tuned, mellow and a wonderful therapy after a stressful day.


A dear friend gave me the wind chimes when my father passed away. She said that she usually sends flowers for a memorial, but for some reason she kept thinking about wind chimes. I told her that my dad must have been talking to her. He loved wind chimes and the color blue. These were PERFECT!!


Thank you for the peaceful tones…


Beautiful and the sweetest chime sound I have ever heard!


The most beautiful chimes I have ever heard. Thank you!!


I just love Woodstock Chimes! They sound so soothing, warm and inviting.


This is my first woodstock. Hope my children make this an annual routine. Would love to have backyard full of these chimes. Soooo soothing while sitting in swing.


This is the most wonderful wind chime I have ever received. I am so impressed at the workmanship and design of the chime. The sound of the chime is totally awesome.


While at the garden centre I over heard the beautiful tone of the chimes each time the doors opened and they were blown in the wind just beautiful I just had to buy one and will recommend them to friends and family.


I love my chimes! I received them as a birthday gift after commenting on my friend’s chimes. It was a great surprise!


Don't change; keep doing what you are doing. We love your products and always will!


Great product and quality constructions. The sound from the chime is so clear and vibrant.


Love these chimes, I have bought several for gifts...birthday, wedding, etc., and thought it was about time to buy myself some. The gifted chimes have always been a great gift and my friends have enjoyed them for years and they are truly a special gift to give or receive. They are the best!!


The most beautiful sounding chimes I have ever heard.


These chimes are wonderful. Unlike the average chimes, these offer quality sound that resonates beautifully. I will be purchasing more as gifts!


Since this is my first purchase I can say that I was very impressed after listening to you chimes; I saw and heard so many others. I'd love to buy because I don't think you can have too many wind chimes!!


My husband gets me a Woodstock chime every year for our anniversary(11 this September!). I love them dearly and my only complaint is a lack of places to hang them!


I absolutely love the zenergy chime in my classroom. I use it to signal the start and end of centers/groups/transitions. The kids love it. I know I will be purchasing another soon.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a gorgeous sound!


Love the quality of workmanship and beautiful sound.


The sound is so soothing. On a beautiful sunny day there is nothing better than listening to my chimes singing in the breeze.


Wind chimes used to irritate me, they just sounded like clashing noises, but these chimes sound so beautiful! I'm sold on Woodstock chimes. Even my kids love them. They sound so beautiful I wish the wind would blow more!


We have several windchimes around our garden, yet none of them produce such a clear and beautiful sound as the Woodstock chime. When I first heard the sound, it resonated so deeply within that I knew I had to buy it.


I love that they are tuned to specific scales. I love that they make music not just make sound. And I love the fact that the sound lingers with a lovely hum.


This is our third set of Woodstock Chimes. I love them!


The sound is outstandingly beautiful. Will enjoy this thoughtful gift for many years.


Woodstock chimes have a more beautiful, pure sound than any other wind chimes I have ever encountered. Thank you for making such a quality product!


I have enjoyed my chimes for years. When my brother-in-law passed away last year, a dear friend sent my sister-in-law the Healing Chime as a gift. I fell in love with it and had to have it. I plan on giving one to my daughter and my god child. They are indeed soothing and healing.


Gift for my 70th birthday from my daughter. Brings a smile to my face every time!


Beautiful windchimes; I have several small chimes this one is wonderful; a great way to remember my father.


Have had a set of chimes for over 10 years; always admired by visitors to our home.


Absolutely the most beautiful sounding wind chimes I've ever heard.


I was especially impressed with the ability to listen to the windchime prior to purchase as I was somewhat hesitant to place an order online without hearing the chimes in person. Excellent quality.


Thank you for creating such beautiful products!


Quality is the #1 reason I purchase Woodstock wind chimes. However, the ability to listen to each one before I buy seals the deal!


Beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful tuning; couldn't be happier with this birthday gift.


Arrived in great condition and very well packaged. I love the sound and the look of this bell. I will probably purchase another one in the future.


Great product, quality is wonderful; the chimes are very calming and pleasant. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who would like to purchase a Good wind chime.


The quality of the music is exquisite! So glad I made the leap and purchased a set.


I love my chime, the sound is great and quality is top notch. Love sitting on the porch with the breeze blowing and relaxing to the sound of this chime.


I absolutely love the sound. It is proudly hanging at our front entrance.


I'm in love with the sounds; they soothe my soul. I will definitely be buying more. Thank you!


This is one of the most touching & thoughtful gifts I have ever received. They are hung outside our family room and we can hear them with the slightest breeze. What a wonderful memorial to my husband. I will think of him and our friends that sent them every single time they chime. I love them!


Amazing wind chimes, perfect for relaxation music sessions, highly recommended.


Great customer service when speaking with representatives on the phone. The tracking service provide for shipped item was outstanding. Will be shopping at their website again for sure!


I first heard a Woodstock chime whilst out on delivery as a postman, I thought the sound was so beautiful I ask the owner about it and then had to get one for my garden. I would hopefully collect some more from this range to accompany it.


Beautiful sustained tones, exactly what I was looking for.


Until that day at Hallmarks in Brownstown, Mi when I listened to my first Woodstock Chime, I thought all wind chimes were pretty and made noise when the wind blows. I never knew that they made such beautiful melodies. I purchased my first Woodstock Chime (Westminster). It is worth the investment. Thank you.


Just received my chimes today and I am so amazed at the beauty of the chimes sound. Nice looking as well; will definitely buy more.


I received my first Woodstock chimes (large scale one) as a gift from my son probably 20 years ago. They have hung by my front door the entire time, 365 days a year, in whatever weather we're having. In all those years I have only had to restring 2 of the tubes. Just bought my 2nd set. Happy camper!


I have seen and heard lots of chimes but the quality of Woodstock's always have that superior sound. I will look for Woodstock always.


Thanks for such wonderful quality products. I look forward to adding more of your chimes to my collection and to give as gifts.


I love this chime. The sound is amazing and so relaxing. Was definitely an "A" plus purchase. The shipping and delivery was faster than expected which was a wonderful surprise.


I have owned several windchimes through the years but never have I heard one like this one. It is absolutely amazing with the beauty of the windchime itself and the sound it creates; definitely a quality piece to treasure for many years.


It was so hard to pick just one thing from the chime store. They all sound so lovely. When I am in San Diego again I will buy another chime.


I am wild about all of your products. I bought my first one in the year 1984, which I think was Westminster Abbey; very nice sound. People have commented that they thought I lived close to a church, they didn't realize it was my chimes they were hearing. I am very impressed with your site where I can listen to them.


I was taken aback the first time I heard these by the beautiful tones they produce, which inspired me to check out the website. There I found the Sound Room where I was able to play all the different varieties on my sound system. This allowed me to choose the perfect one as well as gifts for Father’s Day!


Fantastic quality with sounds that are rich and full; I have also purchased 2 hanging gongs. I also love that I can listen to the chimes and pick the tones I want.


I was really amazed at their tone. The sound is extraordinary!


They have the most beautiful, rich sound of any I've ever heard. The one I owned previously I had for years and years, until it finally fell apart. So I had to buy another Woodstock chime.


I love my new windchime!! Thank you for such a high quality product!


I bought Woodstock for our botanic garden gift store years ago, loved their history and have never changed my opinion that they are the best. I have given them as gifts and finally bought one just for me.


These look and sound beautiful. I'm surprised because I wasn't expecting that kind of quality for what I paid. Thank You.


Haven't had wind chimes for quite a few years; looking forward to hearing these chimes from my garden. They have a handsome presence & just the right sound. The perfect gift for my wife!


We received this chime as an anniversary gift. We saw one like it at my sister’s house and loved it. We are highly satisfied with it and love the beautiful sounds it makes.


We received these beautiful chimes as a sympathy gift after my Dad's passing. They are of beautiful quality & sound amazing. We are impressed that they are tuned to scale! The inscription is a lovely reminder & tribute to my Dad. We hope to have them for many years to come.

C.R. & P.R.

I was looking for Wind Chimes to hang in my Garden. My Daughter and I were looking around a Garden Centre and in a little Craft Cabin there were Amazing Grace Wind chimes. Their quality stood out; they were stunning. I was so impressed that my Daughter bought them for me as a birthday present.


I appreciate your willingness to educate the public on how to care for this awesome product. I so enjoy the amazing tone quality and this is probably the only chime brand I will use because of the unique tone.


While on vacation we saw the chimes and loved them. It was hard to choose which one to buy but we love birds. We loved the sound and the preciseness. Our family is full of musicians so we can appreciate the work put into making these.


My first wind chime was a Woodstock; bought in 1986 to ease my anxiety and depression. Now on my 4th Woodstock chime, each has brought calm, comfort, and joy to me and my neighbors. The gentle music seems to wash away city noise and fill the air with messages of hope, peace, and love. Thank you!


This wind chime sounds so amazing! I am so impressed and it sounds better than the recording I heard! Thank you!


The sound, design and overall quality is fantastic. It's a beautiful product and there is some clear skill in making these. Keep on doing what you're doing!


Absolutely daughter who is a classical musician and whose partner is a jazz musician are both inspired and looking forward to sitting amidst the chimes and the bird song and to compose.


This is my First, I am in love! I will be getting more, for sure. I think they are spectacular! I can't wait to get more!


I love my chimes; the sound is so clear and beautiful. They add a wonderful feeling to my back yard. I had seen them before but never knew where I could buy them. I was thrilled to see them at the hardware store where we were shopping I knew I would take one home. Going to see what goes well with it.


Absolutely beautiful! The deep, perfectly resonant sound is enjoyable for hours and it looks stunning.


The sound is beautiful. I love being able to hear the chimes before you buy. The variety is impressive.


Keep producing these quality products and thank you for the years of enjoyment you've given to me!


Absolutely love your chimes. The quality of sound is wonderfully calming, bringing a sense of peacefulness and beauty. I thank you for this.


Woodstock chimes are my go-to sympathy gift. A gentle breeze brings on the memory of the loved one the chime was purchased in remembrance of. Woodstock chimes are the best chimes I've ever found.


Bought as a present for my partner and we both absolutely love them! The perfect tuning and pitch really complement the calm Zen-like atmosphere we're trying to create in our new garden. They look great as well, stylish and contemporary, adding a touch of class to the garden. Great product!


I bought this for my wife's new Zen Garden she has been dreaming of putting together for years. Well, we did it together. The chime is beautiful and we can hear it two stories up in our bedroom. Awesome. Thanks Woodstock Chimes!


This beautiful piece has brought tears to my eyes since I received it after my little brothers passing. Just knowing it sounds like Amazing Grace brings me comfort. Thank you for making such beautiful products.


We were absolutely thrilled with our windchime. It arrived in perfect condition in the post, well packaged and it looks and sounds as good as it was presented on the online website.


Woodstock has brought that little something special to our toy store! The window crystals and fantasy figures have been a great addition to our tween gift offerings, and our small selection of chimes has made our fairy section unique! The window sparklers hanging by our POS are so eye-catching and beautiful to look at, they inspire impulse buys. Our customers love giving them as gifts for all sorts of occasions, such as housewarmings and birthdays. We started with Chimalongs, harmonicas, accordions and pan flutes, but have ended up really loving the crystals and chimes -- we couldn’t be more pleased about having them in the shop!

Brandy Masoncup, Geppetto’s Toy Box

Absolutely love it! I was attracted because it is dragonfly themed. Then I read that your chimes are tuned, so I put it on my wishlist. When I first heard it I was amazed by the quality of the sound, just so peaceful and beautiful. Now I have to have more!


On Sunday I received my first Woodstock - Chimes of Pluto. I was so impressed that I immediately ordered the Chimes of Earth. Now when they begin to sway & play, their melodies allow me to relax and appreciate everything around me. They have become the soundtrack of my garden. Thank you.


The tones of this chime are just gorgeous. The lowest note sounds for a long time and carries a decent distance without being intrusive. It's beautifully made and I'm so glad my girls decided to let me choose my own early Mothers' Day present.


I love my Woodstock Chimes and will give them as gifts to my friends to enjoy. The chimes are a wonderful conversation piece. Thank you for creating the joyful tones.


I have had several Woodstock Chimes over the years. They bring joy to my life and provide music to my environment and soul. They are my go-to gift purchase for every occasion. Keep up the great work. Your wind chimes are the best on the market.


I love the look and sound of your chimes! They are far superior to any other chimes! I love the sound!


It's wonderful to sit outside and drink coffee and listen to your chimes. I get so calm by them!


Truly a lovely tone in these chimes, creating a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere as people approach my front door.


I have to say that these are the best sounding wind chimes I have ever heard. It was a real eye opener for me to realize that a well toned chime is actually an art and I promise that I will do my best to cherish these chimes for years to come! Thank you for this amazing experience!


Oh, my. I ordered two Woodstock Chimes and just LOVE them, especially the 'Chimes of Tuscany.' They make my heart happy and I can hardly wait to order another---or two. Thank you.


I love the quality and the sound. Your warranty and maintenance tips together with the ability to purchase parts if necessary tells me that you take an interest in every product you sell.


I love the products and there is nothing better than sitting or working in the garden and hearing the chimes - heaven.


We have carried your line for years. Our owner has a music degree from Oberlin Conservatory and yours are the only chimes she will let us sell because of the great tones.

Allen's of Hastings, Inc.! Sounds are the best I've heard in a wind chime. Looks really nice, too!


I just wanted to tell you how much your Fur Elise Piano Chime means to me. My mother, who was a piano teacher in her youth, loved to play that song. It was her favorite. As she entered her last months of life, with dementia, and she had forgotten many things, the one thing she was still able to do was play Fur Elise on her piano. I bought your wind chime so I can look at it through my window and remember my mom.

Your craftsmen who create these chimes never realize whose life they are going to touch. So, with tomorrow being Mother's Day, I'll have fond memories of my mom when I look at your chimes.


Thank you for making such a well made, high quality chime with the most beautiful sound...ever!!!! I bought a second chime to have on my front porch so visitors can enjoy the beautiful sounds when they come to my home as much as I love the one in my back garden.


Had oral surgery yesterday. Wasn't feeling so well, then USPS brought my package! We ordered a Woodstock Bells of Paradise Wind Chime in black and love it! Even my husband, who was "anti" chimes was enjoying it! He doesn't like the cheap ones that are bought at "bargain stores" and neither do I. This produces quality tones and is amazing. This cheered me up so fast the moment he hung it up outside. The birds in our backyard were singing right along with the melody. We love it, and it brightened my day! Already got one of my friends to order one as well! We will be customers for life. Thank you!


I've come to the realization that I am a Woodstock Chimes #chimesnob.
Listening to my chimes, the thunder and rain is just a perfect end to my busy weekend.


When I first heard some Woodstock Chimes at a little store on the Oregon coast, I knew I'd found the quality sound I wanted for my house/office door bell. I rigged up a small fan with a remote button taped on the front door for people to push to let me know they are there. It works great. The fan turns on and blows the chimes. I can hear them wherever I am in the house. I get lots of compliments. People love the sound. So do I!


I love wind chimes. I already own two of your larger chimes. Eight years ago, while visiting friends in Dallas, the Dallas Aboretum featured your Chimes of King David. So for eight years I have wanted to get one. Hayneedle had a real nice price, so I purchased one. It came today and WOW. The beautiful deep sound fills our house. Even with the doors and windows closed, as spring in Ohio can be brisk, the sound gently makes it’s way indoors. Now I wish I had gotten The Chimes of King David eight years ago. I feel like I missed out on enjoying this sound for the last eight years. Thanks!


I have a collection of chimes all over my property and when the wind blows, it's like a heavenly symphony.


I absolutely Love my Amazing Grace Chime.

I hung it in my bedroom by a window, so come spring/summer when I open my windows I will be sent heavenly reminders of my Grandmother who sung this song to me every time we were together....



I first was given a gift of Chimes of Lun for my first wedding in 1983. I fell in love with the tone. Now, I try to give chime gifts every year and this year made it to the warehouse sale for the first time! Yahoo! Now, I'm falling in love with the Suncatchers! I'd like one in every room!


I am delighted with every item I have ordered... and so have the recipients of these beautifully crafted crystals and chimes... been so happy with their gifts. So much so I've had to order more for other family and friends... Thank you... in a market place where expectations of quality are low... Woodstock Chimes has surpassed all expectations in charm, crafting and quality.


I'm one of Woodstock Chimes' new OneCoast sales reps in Colorado. My first shipment of catalogs arrived - this is my assistant, Gianna, helping me sticker the covers. She's my 6-year-old daughter.


My mother...has sent us at least 15 chimes in the last couple of years. We live in Sparks, NV where the wind can get to 60-80 mph frequently. Despite the fact that I hate the wind it does great things for all of our chimes! I can hear them through the closed windows and enjoy the sound. Even with a large variety of chimes the sounds always blend well and it is a pure pleasure to listen. Even when we just have a gentle breeze I enjoy listening to the wonderful music they make.


I received the wind chimes and they sound beautiful! I was amazed at the clarity and the perfect pitch of each note. I have windchimes that I have purchased in the past and I always thought they sounded good. Now I realize that they "clink" instead of playing music.


Indent HTML Last Christmas, I splurged: I had to buy the "house" a gift and decided that we needed to have a Woodstock Chime windchime. Yes, my husband thought I was nuts to order a windchime for the house, let alone a windchime for the house, out-of-season, in December. (We live in Juneau, Alaska.) However, he was, and still is, very much impressed with my selection. The notes of this windchime are clearly and beautifully toned, exactly matching the major keys of Pachebel's Canon. The notes are crisp, pure, trilling, vibrant, alive. The chime is well-made, heavy-duty in construction and quite substantial. It takes more than a small breeze to stir the chimes; yet, in gale and/or storm force winds, they are not "clangy"--if that makes sense. Finally, these chimes delight the neighborhood. I wouldn't mind annoying a certain neighbor, but what the heck ... I love this chime so much I'm investing in a larger, deeper toned model--Chimes of Westminster! Oh, and did I mention that customer service is wonderful, too? No? Well, consider it done now.



Boy do we wish that we listened to you at the last trade show. The Crystal Fantasy and Rainbow/Moonlight Cascades are flying out the door for us! Four days on the floor and we sold 20+ already. Just put in another $700+ order for more stock.
Thank you for continuing to push them for us. We are so glad you finally convinced us.

the farmhouse store

I LOVE MY HEROIC WINDBELLS! I live on a bluff overlooking a marsh and small river and we are 5 miles from the coast so we have almost constant breezes / wind. I have a number of wind chimes but these are everybody's favorites. It take more breeze than most to get them chiming and I have a neighbor who listens for them before letting her children out to play. If she hears them she generally doesn't put bug repellent on her children knowing the breezes will keep the mosquitoes away.


My Woodstock Chimes of Mozart! is absolutely the best windchime purchase I've ever made ~ I will buy the medium companion windchime to place in the front of my house I love it so much. I would and will purchase this windchime over & over again - I can't think of a nicer gift to pass along to friends or family. The quality is amazing and the music it provides is of the nicest tones I've ever heard. I've had the large Mozart chimes for over a year now and it sounds just as perfect as the day I hung it up. I absolutely love mine, and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! ;)


The chimes are beautiful to look at and the sound is gorgeous. They have a very mysterious/worldly tonality and the different little snippets and motives that come out them are inspiring for composition! They add good energy to our back entrance.


Just received this yesterday. I will be hanging them today, but they are beautiful, both finish and sound. The packaging itself shows your commitment to quality. I look forward to many years of beautiful and relaxing sounds enjoyed in our back yard as the wind rustles the trees, the birds sing, and the chimes add to nature’s melodies.


This company pays attention to detail, and produces products of the highest quality. And they did not ask me or pay me to say this! I'm a real owner.


[The chime] was a gift for my sister/brother-in-law for their home outside of Boston. They both loved the chimes and said it was the most beautiful chime sound they have every heard...and immediately hung it outside of their master bedroom. Thank you so much for your beautiful products (and service).


I purchased your Hawaiian theme one in green at a gift boutique. Was so pleased with it that I went to your website. Now, I have a beautiful collection hung on my porch and in two trees - all look gorgeous and sound heavenly together. Will highly recommend your chimes to my friends/family. THANK YOU FOR THE QUALITY!


They are just beautiful and the sound is wonderful. I am so glad I discovered your website. I just ordered another chime for a gift for a friend. I have a few chimes, but yours are the best I've seen and such a variety. I will be purchasing more, especially for gifts. Such good quality. Thank you.


Thank you very much. Glad to see there is a company that stands behind their product. It is usually like pulling teeth trying to get company's to so pleasantly stand behind their product. I have written several very large companies off my list for my purchases and I am glad your company is not one because of the beauty they give to the world. I will pass the word and continue to deal with Woodstock. Thank you.


I hung a large Amazing Grace chime outside my bedroom window, and I can't tell you how many hours of delight it has brought me, soothing me to sleep and brightening each new morning. Thank you for making such a beautiful, simple joy.


From my first alto Gregorian chime purchase almost 25 years ago I have enjoyed and appreciated the craftsmanship and musicianship. What attracted me to the chimes initially was that someone knew enough to produce the Gregorian scale, IN a Chime!! How wonderful! and so fitting to that type of music. I now own (I think) all of the voices of the Gregorian chimes by Woodstock. Thank You!


Every interaction I have ever had with Woodstock Chimes has been one of delight and exceeding expectations every step of the way!

I was introduced to Woodstock Chimes in 1999 when I purchased a small windchime at a gift shop in Lake George for our camper. We've upgraded our camper twice since then and I've transferred the windchime each time. When we go camping the windchime is almost ceremoniously hung from the canopy to signify that we're finished setting up and it's time to enjoy the camping trip.

I've purchased several Woodstock windchimes as gifts for family and friends over the years and enjoyed their expression of delight when they discovered the quality workmanship and the beautiful sound coming from them.

In 1995, my daughter gave me a Woodstock windchime for Mother's Day - the Gregorian Baritone. I've had it hanging from the eave of the house just outside of the sliding glass door that overlooks our deck. I've enjoyed the beautiful rich sounds of the windchime year-round since then (even in the winter when the windows and doors are closed up tight!) and have noticed on the breezier days that the sound from my windchime can be heard from 2-3 blocks aways. Hopefully my neighbors enjoy it as well - I've heard no complaints.

Over the more recent years I noticed my windchime starting to show signs of weather wear. The wood parts were cracking and showing decay and the strings were starting to break. I would try to fix it as best I could so I could enjoy it a bit longer. A few weeks ago, I was disappointed to see that my windchime had fallen onto the deck because the string that connected it to the hanging ring had broken. Also, the wooden piece that catches the wind had broken off. Being a bit of a tinkerer/refurbisher myself, I thought I might try to replace the strings and fix it myself so I could get more time out of it as the tubes were in perfect condition, then I had the idea to check your website to see if maybe you could fix it for me. Once again, I was delighted to see that you offer both a repair and a refurbishing service! I packaged up my windchime and sent it on its way on February 4th and was looking forward to 4-6 weeks later when my windchime was returned to me looking like brand-new.

On February 16th upon returning home from a not-so-good day at the office, I was delighted (once again) to see that my windchime had arrived... 2-4 weeks early!!! It was carefully packaged to prevent damage due to weather and shipping. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks just like it did on Mother's Day 1995 and it sounds magnificient! I hung it back in its place (which had seemed so quiet and empty) and smiled broadly when it started to play it's beautiful music.

You should take great pride in the quality of workmanship, product, and service you deliver. So few companies know how to do it right these days - you've definitely figured it out. I've been in the business of customer service for two decades and am always torn between the level of service I want to give and the level of service my department's budget allows me to give. I envy and admire companies that are willing to do it the right way - it really does pay off. When every interaction with the company and product is one that brings a smile to a person's face, you know you have something that works. Congratulations Woodstock Chimes - may you remain in business for generations to come!

Thank you for the many smiles my Gregorian Baritone chime has brought to me and will continue to bring to me.


I purchase the "Amazing Grace" chimes about a year ago. My sister liked the chimes so much (it is our favorite song), I ordered the chimes for her. We talk on the phone every day and throughout the phone call, we can hear each others chimes. Even though we live an hour away~the chimes keep us close in our hearts.


I love hearing our display of Woodstock Chimes providing us with the prefect mood music at the farmhouse store. Bck in August I had the opportunity to learn about the history of your company in New York. It is amazing how a dream can become reality! :-)
All the best,

Nick, the farmhouse store

Aloha Chime

I just wanted to write and tell you how much we LOVE our Aloha chime. I always wanted a LARGE Woodstock chime but have not had the funds to get one, THEN I saw this one at the local nursery and I just about had a heart attack. (you can see why in the photo) It was smaller and more affordable, still sounded great and the color matches the trim on our house PERFECTLY. I couldn't have had it custom tailor-made any more exact. Some people hear the sound and don't even notice the chime, at first,...because it is an extension of the house. We love it!!

The other day my 2 year old son said "look! (as he pointed to the windchime) It's singing a song".


I love your windchimes!!!!! I have the first one I still have my first Woodstock Wind Chime I bought 20 years ago and it still in working order and has never broken (knock on wood). I only have Woodstock Chimes and my yard is a magical place to be! Keep up the good work!


When my wife and I were first married (1985), we bought a Woodstock Chime for our then “new home” that we ultimately owned for over 22 years. As we were packing to leave, the chime was remembered hanging on our back deck, and when we went to remove it, saw that the wooden gizmo that hangs down between the pipes that blows in the wind and causes the chimes to make their beautiful sound, was split and likely to break if we removed and tried to pack it. So, we left it there. The new owners commented on how pleasant it was to open the door to their new home to find this melodic tone to greet them.


Love your waterbell chimes.....this is the second one I've purchased. Gave the first one I had to someone who really needed something special in her life and I was moving at the time.

I purchased this one to hide traffic noise that is driving me insane and is making me a nervous wreck. When it arrived I couldn't put it together fast enough. The sound of the chimes is so incredibly soothing.

One problem...........not with the fountain...........I have a cat who thinks it is her own personal fountain and when she stick her head in it she flips the bells. I hope that after they whack her enough she'll decide her water dish is better.


Betsy [Harrington, VP sales] was so very right about the Chakra Chimes. Huge hit for us! Thanks for another winner, Woodstock.

Bill, Ed & The Farmhands The Farmhouse Store

I just want to pass on a HUGE THANK YOU for the repair of our chimes. They once again sound beautiful, unlike the "clank" they had from my husband's attempts at repairing them. Thank you to all that helped in the process.


Dear Repair Department People/Person:

Our 30+ year old chimes arrived today. I can't tell you how thrilled my husband and I are with the wonderful repair service you provided. These gentle chimes have always been lovely to listen to, but ours had been deteriorating over the past years (thanks to squirrels who loved to leap from the hanger to our bird feeders). Our chimes were given to us in 1980 to memorialize my husband's 19 year old son who died accidentally... we are again remembering him with sweet sounds. There are few places in our country willing to provide the service that Woodstock chimes has -- the ethics of this amaze me. Thank you so much.

Namaste to all of you.


Hi Garry [ Kvistad, founder/owner of Woodstock Chimes ]

At Christmas, we gave a set of Woodstock Chimes to our friends Karen and Terry in Boston and she just wrote to me thus: (she calls me Maggie although I am not a Margaret):

"Maggie, I want to tell you how much we're enjoying the Xmas chimes. Recently, Terry got a black iron chime holder and attached it to the big tree out back in our yard...but the chimes are so mellow and rich, we've decided we want to move them closer to the deck because we LOVE the sound. Thank you again for making a perfect choice. Terry has also sent the link out to all the percussion guys he hangs with 'cause the web story is very cool."

(Her husband Terry Anthony is a woodwind player, has does a lot of work with Frank Sinatra Jr., etc. ) Harvey and I were talking about your chimes just yesterday. We have a set from elsewhere hanging next to yours, and the sound is not nearly as rich and full. My scarlet runner beans seem to agree, they are climbing up over the "offending" chimes and will likely silence them soon, leaving the Woodstocks to sway in the breezes. Ha!

Take care, Garry

I received both of these wind chimes [Pachelbel Canon Chime and Woodstock Lapis Chime] from my children for Christmas last year. Now that the weather has warmed up and I am spending a lot of time outdoor, the chimes have been put up (along with a lot of flowers and bird feeders). I enjoy the chimes sounding while I sit and smock, embroider and knit on the porch during the warm and sunny parts of the day. I love both my chimes and they sound so nice together with the sounds coming from either end of the porch when there is even the slightest breeze.

The Pachelbel chimes are especially comforting to me as, I listened to both of my children and my husband playing the Canon in D innumerable times for practice and pleasure over the years.

My previous wind chime was also one of your delightful chimes – it lasted 20 years before the strings broke and I lost one of the chimes. My children were perceptive enough to replace the chimes as they know how much I enjoy hearing them.

Thank you for making such wonderful products.


I have several chimes from your company...The materials used are wonderful as I live in Michigan and the weather is always changing..I bring them in for the winter as our days of snow and sleet are brutal at times...I am not worried about the quality of the product by not leaving it outside, but rather the winds whipping about at high rates..I keep them outside as long as I can, in fact this year, I just brought them in a few days ago... Their gentle music is relaxing and bring back many happy memories of places I have been/ I look forward to buying more as special gifts, and also a few more for myself...Thanks for a great product.


Dear Woodstock Staff,

I am a music therapist at Alternatives for Children, a therapeutic preschool and early intervention site located in Suffolk County, New York on Long Island. Four years ago, we began a project called the "Sound Garden"- a music therapy outdoor play space based on the research of Dr. Petra Kern from the University of North Carolina. ...many of our instruments are from Woodstock. Our children - both typical as well as those with disabilities- love this place as does our staff. We are continually adding and upgrading.

[We have] a creative use of your hanging chimes that maybe you have never thought of....but our facilities manager did after seeing the success of the "Sound Garden". Any school for young children has an on-going concern with safety. In order to make sure that attention was always focused on the door when it opened (to make sure the children were safe in the room!) we hung small chimes that ring gently as the door is opened and closed. It is a non-invasive but alerting way to let the staff know to look up and check to see who is coming in and out.

We love all the Woodstock chimes, and thought you might like to see how they are being put to a creative and therapeutic use.

EKS, Music Therapist

I bought your memorial chimes (lg) at Midnight Sun in Jacksonville FL, and put some of my husbands ashes in the little urn. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing it is to hear the chimes and think of him. I'm getting another set of chimes for my mother in law because she liked mine so much. Thank you for making such a unique and special way to remember my beloved husband.


There is something about chimes that I love. Maybe its because they’re hanging and I find that calming. Maybe I like the unexpected song they create unknowingly. They remind me to take a closer gander at the things I pass by every day without realizing. Woodstock chimes combines all of that along with the beautiful sounds it creates in each chime. There are a multitude of options including chimes for meditation, reflection, gregorian style, feng shui, and even chimes that will be in harmony with your chakras. In addition they sell a special series of chimes handmade from bamboo and other natural resources, and even musical instruments! I have a few sets of chimes throughout my living spaces and love them dearly which is why they made this week’s list.

SL - see her blog here

I love my soothing - really helps me center periodically throughout my often chaotic and overwhelming day.


We have been selling ONLY Woodstock chimes for the past 20 years at Wonder Works. We LOVE them!!! This year, we added a small fan behind the stand and turn it on daily. The continuous sounds of the chimes has increased our sales AT LEAST 40%! We are SOOOO excited!!!!! And the staff love hearing it all day long....very soothing! Give it a never know...till you try it!!!

Christine Osborne, Owner - Wonder Works

I recently had my wind chimes rebuilt with your company. I am so happy they are exceptionally beautiful once again. There isn't anything more beautiful than the Gregorian Baritone. Just wonderful and again what a great service, prompt delivery & amazing timing.


For the past twenty years Wind Song has been selling wind chimes. We have always featured Woodstock Chimes as our top of the line wind chime. This is due to tuning, style, durability and customer service. Throughout the years we have had experience with many artists and manufacturers. Woodstock has been able to combine both art and business. We can always count on Woodstock to stand behind their craftsmanship. Their detail in workmanship shows. When it comes to exceptional wind chimes we always steer our customers towards Woodstock.

Kevin Olenick, Owner - Wind Song

For years I have had a link to your Alto Gregorian Chimes in my wishlist. I was reluctant to purchase chimes off the internet because I wanted something perfectly tuned and beautiful. I am someone who can detect something being even slightly out of tune, and none of the chimes I listened to in person were ever quite right.  Finally I decided to take the chance and buy these.

Now that I have received them, I wanted to write and tell you that I could not possibly be happier with my purchase. They're not even hung outside yet because then I won't be able to hear them with the house closed tight for winter, and I wouldn't be able to simply sit and hold them swaying in my hand to hear the beautiful music that they play.

Thank you for creating not just a product, but a beautifully crafted instrument.
I look forward to expanding my collection of Woodstock Chimes over the years, since I doubt at this point if I will even consider chimes made by anyone else. You have reason to be really proud of the work that you do.


A customer reported to me yesterday, that the new owner of a King David Chime (hanging in a very large tree on their farm), said that the chickens are producing twice as many eggs and the goats are giving double the milk. King David is getting all the credit. They believe it is causing a calming effect on their animals. We may really have something here. They may be over run by rabbits anytime. Never underestimate the wonderful effects of music.

M Dill, Territory Manager

I have been very pleased with the Woodstock line. I have moved it in my store, and it now occupies about 25% of my floor space (Just the other window, where there was more space. The chimes are spread out, and the customers are eating it up!! (Thank goodness!!) Woodstock has really saved me during this down economy.

Sandy Brown, owner - Village Gifts of Palm Springs Florida

I had already placed an order with another company [only to find] the product was discontinued. Fearing that there was no way I could get something to my brother for his birthday, you can imagine how happy I was that you got the chimes to him on time! Your product shipped very fast, and made a difficult birthday a little easier.

One of our brothers passed away suddenly. His identical twin brother [lives in a different state from] of our family. We [went there] for a memorial service and the surviving twin's first birthday alone. Our family was able to present his gift and make a sad day a bit less so, by giving him the Amazing Grace chime when we were all together.

I will ONLY shop with your company in the future. Thank you so very much!


Woodstock wind chimes caught my attention twenty years ago when my children were buying them for all their friends who were getting married. I had a small new business and decided I should carry them since I was buying so many anyway. During the past 20 years I have experienced tremendous growth of which Woodstock products have contributed significantly to my bottom line. Both the company and their rep group have been very accommodating to work with and their product is the best! Our biggest sales tool has been to place a King David chime outside our front door. We have become the place in our area to come for Woodstock.

Faye Snodgrass, Owner - Faye Snodgrass Gallery