Garry fulfilling his responsibilities as the founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes Company Picnic
August 2011

Woodstock Chimes took some time out mid-day to enjoy a nice, sunny August day. Garry manned the grill and we all enjoyed a wonderful company picnic.

Garry and Diane Kvistad with musician Chick Corea

Garry gets some help getting the grill started.

It helps if the grill is put together properly!

Two charcoal grills, check! Gas grill as a backup, check!

Sushi Night at the New York Gift Show
August 2011

Garry and Woodstock Chimes EVP Stacey Bowers had a blast when they were asked to help prepare the rice for their sushi dinner.

Garry and Stacey preparing rice for sushi.

Western Alamance Middle School
June 2011

Garry and Diane Kvistad along with the rest of our management team visted Western Alamance Middle School in North Carolina where Garry taught a lesson in the science of music and percussion to the 6th grade math and science students. It was all set up by Sheila Langley, the 6th grade science teacher. It looks like a great time was had by all!

Garry with EVP Stacey Bowers performing Clap Hands

Garry uses boomwhackers to teach the kids.

Garry, teaching music to middle schoolers.

Here's the whole crew.

Garry meets Nolan, our biggest fan
June 2011

Five year old Nolan is a big Woodstock Chimes fan. He listens to our chimes on our website and can identify each of the chimes by the sound it makes. Garry was so impressed he took time out to meeting Nolan when he was on a business trip that took him close to Nolan's home.

Garry with Nolan, our youngest fan!

Garry with Nolan and his friends.

Nolan dressed as a Woodstock Chime for Halloween 2010.

Woodstock Chimes Chocolate Cake Contest
February 2011

It was the middle of winter and we needed a boost. So everyone was invited to bake a chocolate cake and we'd have a contest to see who's was the favorite. Garry participated - his is the bee mine cake. But he didn't win! That honor went to two members of our Customer Service Department.

Garry surrounded by chocolate cake bakers.

Garry's entry was the Bee Mine cake

Garry at Russell's Garden Center in Wayland, MA
February 2010

Garry was planning to be in the area, so he spent an afternoon meeting and greeting the customers at Russell's Garden Center.

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry meets and greets customers

Garry photo shoot

We needed some pictures of Garry in his studio and posing with chimes to use in our marketing materials. Here's the best of the bunch.

A simple head shot.

Garry playing the marimba.

Garry surrounded by chimes.

Garry with a chime and mallets.

December 2009

Snapped a picture of Garry with the holiday centerpiece presented to him and Diane by the Woodstock Chimes employees.

Garry with his holiday centerpiece.

Garry photo shoot

Every once in a while we take updated shots of Garry. Here he is posing with Woodstock Chimes on the side porch of his home

Garry on the side porch of his home.

Garry sizing up a Chimes of King David.

Garry peers out from behind a Woodstock Metalworks Bell.

Garry and a Chimes of King David, the largest Woodstock Chime.

Rip Van Winkle Cruise
October 2006

One chilly Saturday in October 2006 a bunch of Woodstock Chimes employees met at the strand in Kingston, NY to take a cruise on the Hudson River. It was cold, but it was fun!

Garry and Diane bundled against the cold.

Garry and Diane enjoying the view.

Garry and Diane

The Kingston Lighthouse

Garry and Diane enjoying hot chocolate on the cruise.

Garry peers down from the top deck.

Another view of the Kingston Lighthouse

Garry the founder of Woodstock Chimes - the early years

You can see these pictures in the Company History pictorial, but they're worth repeating here - it's fun to see how Garry has changed through the years.

Spring 1979
Garry & Diane Kvistad - In the Beginning

Spring 1979
Woodstock's First "Factory"

1980 & '81
Woodstock Gets On The Air

Summer 1984
Woodstock's First Appearance at the NY Gift Show