How To Download Product Images and Sounds

Looking for product images, sound files or videos? We are now using Dropbox to provide them. They're all set up, ready for you to download! Just drag and drop the desired files from the Dropbox folder to your local computer.

Access Product Images and Sound Files

In this dropbox you’ll find several folders:

  1. Images
    Product silhouettes, lifestyle pictures and images of musical scales
  2. Sound files
    An .mp3 file for each Woodstock Chimes product that makes music
  3. Videos
    Every product videos we’ve created (so far - more coming soon!)
  4. UPC Barcodes
    An .eps files of all UPC barcodes (Note: An .eps file can be opened at any size using any standard photo editing software.)
  5. Logos
    Our Woodstock Chimes, Music Collection and Encore Collection logos 
  6. Catalogs and Brochures
    PDFs of our current catalogs and brochures
  7. New Products
    All of the above for the latest new products (Note: these files will also appear in the folders listed above)
  8. Social Media memes
    Customer quotes, motivational sayings and more are available and ready for use on Facebook, Instagram - whatever social media platform you prefer.
  9. WPI Branding Guidelines
    A guide to the proper use of our logos, corporate colors, fonts, etc.

If you have any trouble locating the files you want, please contact us and we’ll help you find just what you need.